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How-to: Instantly create a Xen VPS

Author: Geek Support Reference Number: AA-00477 Created: 07/18/2012 01:58 PM Last Updated: 07/18/2012 04:30 PM

This article provides walk through instruction on how to create a Xen VPS using the OnApp Control Panel.

Creating a Xen VPS using the OnApp Control Panel

To create a Xen VPS, you will need to login to our OnApp Control Panel using the login details provided to you via e-mail after sign up.

  • After logging in, click Create New Virtual Machine.

  • Next, type a Label, Hostname and Password for your new VPS. 

  • Next, select the desired Operating System, Distribution and Template from our selection of over 150 pre-built operating system templates.

  • Next, configure the Resources for your new VPS.
    • RAM: Move the slider all of the way to the right.
    • CPU Cores, CPU Priority: You can either choose to use one core and the maximum percentage of CPU Priority allocated or you can divide the CPU Priority evenly over the maximum number of CPU Cores allocated to your VPS. In this example, a maximum of 2 cores and 40% CPU Priority was available to the VPS. This configuration shows that we are are giving the VPS access to two CPU Cores and a CPU Priority of 20% to each of the two cores.
    • Primary disk size: Move the slider to the right to allocate disk storage to your VPS. Generally, we recommend leaving 1 GB of free storage space for SWAP.
    • Swap disk size: Move the slider to the right to allocate SWAP disk space to your VPS. We recommend allocating 1 GB of SWAP.
    • Port Speed: Move the slider all of the way to the right.

  • After you have finished allocating resources to your VPS, ensure Build virtual machine automatically is selected and then click on Create Virtual Machine.

Your VPS will be created and will be ready for use in just a few minutes. Enjoy!

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