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1 cPanel User Guide

The full cPanel user guide can be accessed at the link below. The cPanel user guide covers many topics such as email account and subdomain management, site statistics, security, and more. cPanel User Guide↗ Have any questions? If you have any questions…

2 How do I login to my cPanel control panel?

This article will describe how to login to cPanel as well as explain common errors encountered when trying to login. How do I login to cPanel? Your account welcome e-mail will contain your login credentials and temporary URL to your website's control panel.…

3 What is the home directory? What is the path to it?

This article will explain the home directory and what the path is to the home directory for your account. What is the home directory? The home directory is the main directory for your website, including your "public_html" and "www" folders, among others.…