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Scheduled Maintenance - 4/25/21

April 7, 2021 at 1:22 PM

On April 25, 2021 maintenance will be performed to migrate all physical hardware at our US location beginning at 10PM CST (GMT-5) and we expect the migration window to last 2-4 hours. Our US-based hosting services will be down for the duration of the planned maintenance. We do expect slightly improved network performance and reliability following the relocation of hardware to our datacenter provider's premier location. Some considerations are included below for each service type currently active at our US location.

Shared Hosting (Unlimited & Performance) and Reseller Hosting: Our US-based shared and reseller hosting services will be down for 2-4 hours for the maintenance window. We will shutdown servers manually about 10 minutes prior to the beginning of the maintenance window, and service will automatically return once the relocation concludes.

VPS Hosting: All VPS hosting services will be down for 2-4 hours for the maintenance window, and we will begin shutting down VPS services about 30 minutes prior to the maintenance window, at which time the OnApp control panel may also be inaccessible. All VPS services will be brought back online automatically following the maintenance window.

Dedicated Servers: We would advise dedicated server customers to shutdown their servers or put their sites into maintenance mode 10-30 minutes prior to the maintenance window to help ensure clean shutdowns can be performed. Servers will be automatically brought back online following maintenance.

We understand this is a significant downtime, so we have scheduled the maintenance window for overnight hours to help ensure as few customers as possible are negatively impacted by this relocation. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly by opening a support ticket under your account or by emailing us at [email protected].

Update (10:06PM 4/25): Please note we will be kicking off the downtime a bit later than anticipated tonight. We have encountered an issue during a planned update we were to perform just prior to the maintenance, and we are getting that rolled back before the maintenance gets fully underway.

Update (10:42AM 4/26): The maintenance and subsequent service verification checks have been completed at this time. Most users should have been back online around 7:45AM. VPS and dedicated customers about 30-60 minutes thereafter. If you are still seeing any issues and you are on our VPS services, please reboot your VPS and if this does not help contact us at the help desk. If you see issues on shared, reseller, or dedicated server hosting, please contact us via the help desk or [email protected] for assistance. All services should be fully online and operational at this time, and we would like to apologize for the maintenance taking much longer than expected. An additional blog post regarding why the scheduled maintenance window was much more optimistic than we anticipated will come later this evening once we have a chance to triple-check all servers and services, and handle pending support requests.