Scheduled Network Maintenance (4/20/2018) [Complete]

April 17, 2018 at 1:26 PM

We have scheduled network maintenance to be conducted between 4:00PM CDT (GMT-5) and 4:15PM CDT (GMT-5) on Friday (4/20/2018) to improve our network topology and infrastructure. We do expect a short outage of 2-5 minutes during the maintenance window.

The maintenance detailed above applies to the following services:

  • Unlimited Hosting
  • Performance Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • VPS Hosting

Dedicated servers and backup services will still be accessible during the maintenance window.

Update as of 4/19/18 at 1:46PM: An issue has been identified which requires we push back the scheduled timeframe. We do not yet have details on the adjusted maintenance window but we will post an update here as soon as we know more.

This maintenance has been rescheduled for Friday 4/20/2018 between 4:00PM CDT (GMT-5) and 4:15PM CDT (GMT-5).

This maintenance has been completed successfully as of 4:37PM CDT 4/20/2018.

Service Outage (10/4/2017)

October 4, 2017 at 5:17 PM

At 2PM CDT (GMT-5) a power outage occurred at our upstream provider, leaving all services offline while the issue was remedied. Following power restoration, we still saw several servers offline and had to investigate the cause of this problem. One of our power distribution units (PDUs) had failed. We had a spare on site for exactly this type of occurrence, and it was installed as quickly as possible to bring all still-offline services back online at approximately 5PM CDT (GMT-5).

Although this issue was out of our control, we are pleased our emergency response went well with a full PDU failure being resolved in such a short period of time given the extreme situation. It is impossible to avoid hardware failure completely, but we are continually working to ensure we are prepared for such problems when they do arise as they did today.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we worked through the outage today. If you are still seeing any service problems, please let us know and we will check into any remaining issues right away.

Unscheduled VPS Service Interruption (4/8/2017)

April 8, 2017 at 8:17 PM

We are currently investigating an issue affecting the OnApp control panel and two hypervisors hosting VPS customers. We have techs on site investigating the cause and working to get this issue resolved as soon as possible. Updates will be posted here as soon as we have more information.

[ posted at 8:16PM CDT 4/8/2017 ]

The issue has been identified as a partial PDU failure in the rack servicing our Chicago-based VPS services. This took down two hypervisors and the OnApp control panel server for roughly 60 minutes today (4/8/2017). We have identified the failing PDU ports and will have a replacement installed shortly; service is already restored and VPS services should be back to normal operation at this time.

[ update posted at 9:02PM CDT 4/8/2017 ]

Upcoming VPS Service Maintenance (12/11/2016)

December 9, 2016 at 5:23 PM

To finalize a software update to the OnApp platform we will be rebooting individual VPSs throughout the day on Sunday, December 11 starting at 8AM. Downtime is expected to be minimal for each VPS, but each VPS may require up to two reboots lasting 5-10 minutes each. We do not have an estimated timeframe for the maintenance completion, however we do not expect any individual VPS to require more than two reboots before the maintenance is finished.

These software updates will allow us to provide faster, more stable VPS hosting services to all customers. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at or through our Help Desk directly at under the Support tab.

This message was posted on Dec 9 at 11:20AM CDT.

OnApp Outage (8/3/2016)

August 5, 2016 at 9:42 AM

We are aware of an issue with our OnApp cloud that is affecting some of our VPS users. We are investigating the root cause of this issue and hope to have the issue resolved very soon. Thank you for your patience while we work to restore service.

Update at 12:00PM CDT: The issues on our OnApp platform for users on the chi01 node group are now resolved. All VMs should be coming back online at this time. If you still see any issues, please contact our support team for assistance.