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Server Name Indication (SNI) is now supported: Install one or more SSL certificates without a dedicated IP address

October 1, 2013 at 10:42 PM

All of our shared and reseller hosting services now support Server Name Indication (SNI). This new feature allows you to do two things that weren't previously possible in a normal shared or reseller hosting environment:

  • You can now install one or more SSL certificates for your domains (including add-on domains) on the same account.
  • You no longer need a dedicated IP address to install an SSL certificate and, instead, can use the shared IP address of the server that you are on.
Most modern web browsers support SNI and there are only a few exceptions:
  • Chrome 5 and older browsers on Microsoft Windows XP
  • Any Internet Explorer browser on Microsoft Windows XP
  • Android mobile phone default browser on Android O.S. v. 2.x.
  • Blackberry web browser
  • Windows Mobile cell phones up to v. 6.5.
With IPv4 depletion on the horizon, this is an awesome change that allows you to secure your website without the added expense of needing a dedicated IP.
If you have any questions or would like to order an SSL certificate for your primary or add-on domains, please feel free to contact us!