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Geek Storage partners with WHMCS to offer discounted client management software

July 21, 2014 at 3:29 PM

The partnership with WHMCS provides clients with discounted client management software, which will help them with automating tasks and billing customers.

NORMAN, OK – July 21, 2014 – Web hosting provider Geek Storage ( announced today that it has partnered with WHMCS ( Through this partnership, Geek Storage clients are able to purchase a license to the WHMCS client management software at a discounted rate of only $10 per month for the branded license and $12 per month for the unbranded license.

WHMCS offers an all-in-one billing, support, and automation solution for online businesses ranging from small start-ups, to multi-million dollar companies. WHMCS provides direct integration with over 100 different APIs for provisioning systems, domain registration providers, payment gateways, and other services. WHMCS is now a worldwide leader in online recurring billing & automation, particularly among web hosts, but being used in ever increasing numbers for many other purposes. With a strong focus on customer support, and with development being driven by custom feedback, WHMCS is a secure, extendable and scalable solution, that will enable you to grow and develop your business, while optimizing and reducing the costs of billing and supporting clients.

“We are always trying to find ways to assist our clients with tools which can help them with growing their business and achieving success, so it was a natural fit to partner with WHMCS to provide automation and billing software to our clients, many of which are just beginning a new website hosting business”, said Matt Eli, Managing Member. He added, “WHMCS has proven itself to be a respected industry leading solution and we are glad that we are able to help our clients acquire a license to the software at a discounted cost.”

WHMCS is excited to see Geek Storage as one of our newest partners. Through this partnership our clients will be able to automate their reseller and web hosting businesses by utilizing a solution that is designed to reduce administrative burden and increase productivity in all areas of their business. “Partnerships with companies like Geek Storage help extend our software to their customers and we are thrilled to work with Geek Storage and their customers through this partnership", said Matthew Pugh, CEO of WHMCS.

About Geek Storage

Geek, LLC is a provider of website hosting, VPS, dedicated servers and website development for small to medium-sized businesses. Founded in 2007, Geek Storage now provides hosting for clients out of three U.S. data center locations and one location in Europe. Contact Geek Storage at 1-888-865-6515 or visit for more information.


WHMCS, a private company based in the UK, was established in 2005 as the first company to develop a system to combine billing and support solutions into a single package. Since then, WHMCS has developed an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online business in over 90 countries worldwide supporting everything from signup to termination, with automated billing, provisioning and management. WMCS has been able to provide one of the most popular billing and support solutions for web host by partnering with numerous strategic partners to provide its customers with the products and services to allow its end users to achieve success.

PHP, MySQL, and Resource Enhancements

October 12, 2013 at 9:18 PM

We are excited to announce our new Helios shared hosting server with MariaDB 5.5.31 and PHP 5.4.20 (5.5 and 5.3 are also available)!

All shared hosting instant resource limits have been increased up to 100% CPU with access to up to 4 cores, as well as an increase on all reseller accounts up to 100% CPU with access to up to 2 cores.

We have also updated PHP versions across the board! All shared & reseller systems now have PHP 5.3.27, 5.4.20, and 5.5.4 accessible. You will find your default PHP version accurately displayed within cPanel on the left hand sidebar of the main page, while other PHP versions are accessible via the appropriate .htaccess setting:

  • PHP 5.3.27: AddHandler application/x-httpd-php53 .php
  • PHP 5.4.20: AddHandler application/x-httpd-php54 .php
  • PHP 5.5.4: AddHandler application/x-httpd-php55 .php
Further updates have been made to the PHP builds to improve performance, with OpCode Caching support (via Zend OpCache) rolling out over the next few days to all servers! We are already noticing a significant improvement in site response speeds on PHP builds running the new OpCache module.
We are also rolling out MySQL updates across all shared & reseller systems. The new Helios server has already launched with MariaDB 5.5.31, while the Titan server has been updated with MySQL 5.5.32. The remaining servers will receive an update to MySQL 5.5.32 over the next few days during off-peak hours.
As always, we strive to offer the best performance in our shared & reseller hosting, and we hope you enjoy the new service updates!

'Git' Your Website Under Control!

'Git' Your Website Under Control!
August 8, 2012 at 9:33 AM

If you are reading this, you probably have a website. Maybe even a website on git-enabled shared hosting. Maybe you already know about git, or maybe not. Regardless, I would like to shed some light on how you can use the power of git  (or in this case, the simplicity of git) to 'git' your website under control! If you have ever fiddled with an FTP client, a text editor or an IDE for hours on end, just to squeeze a step or two out of your routine site updates or version deployments, you will soon have a friend in git.

With a few git commands under your belt, it is easy to go from FTP to a version control-enabled website deployment scheme. Click past the break to continue reading.

GeekStorage is proud to offer git website hosting.

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GeekStorage adds CloudLinux to our Shared and Reseller Hosting servers!

November 28, 2010 at 4:32 PM

GeekStorage is proud to announce the upcoming addition of CloudLinux to all of our Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting servers.

This update will improve service speeds significantly across all Shared & Reseller Hosting services, and implement improved resource tracking & management per account. Users of the "x3" cPanel theme will also find new statistics in their cPanel display, corresponding to their CPU Resource Usage and Concurrent Connections.

Major CloudLinux features include:

  • Increased uptime since no one account can slow down or take down an entire shared server
  • Better reliability and performance with a server that is running at peak operating capacity
  • Better control over CPU resources
  • Compatibility with cPanel, LiteSpeed and Ksplice... all major components of our shared hosting infrastructure

CloudLinux’s core technology is Lightweight Virtual Environment™ a kernel-level technology that limits the amount of resources (CPU, I/O, memory) available to a group of processes. While similar to container type virtualization technology, LVE is completely transparent and lightweight. Once installed, the LVE works transparently to manage resources that the hosting provider sets for the accounts on a server. It controls the CPU resources to ensure that each account on a shared server is allocated enough resources to run efficiently without jeopardizing the other tenants on that server, making the server more stable and delivering better performance.

CloudLinux has been thoroughly tested by Geek Support and we are extremely satisfied with the performance improvements seen with the addition of CloudLinux.

All Shared & Reseller Hosting servers must be rebooted as part of the installation of CloudLinux. As a result, we have scheduled maintenance for 11/29/2010 between the hours of 10:00 PM and 11:59 PM CST (GMT -6), with estimated downtime being approximately 10-15 minutes for each server.

If you have any questions regarding CloudLinux, please contact us at [email protected].

State of GeekStorage - April 2010

April 19, 2010 at 4:56 AM

Greetings Geeks!

It's been quite awhile since our last "State of GeekStorage" and I wanted to take the time to put into writing some of the amazing ideas and enhancements we have in the pipeline for our geeks.

We're healthy! has continued to remain a private and profitable corporation, with no debt. Our sales over the last year have steadily increased, albeit a little slower due to the current economy, and we look forward to another great year of building and maintaining our awesome internet playground.

Ksplice and Softaculous - Two New Features

We have recently installed Ksplice on all of our shared, reseller and VPS servers. This is a great server administration utility that allows us to update our servers without rebooting, saving your website from further downtime.

We will soon be offering Ksplice on our managed dedicated server offerings as well.

We have recently started adding Softaculous to new shared and reseller servers. Softaculous is a script auto-installer, much like Fantastico, that offers you the ability to demo, rate, and one-click install over 130 scripts!

Click here for a complete list of scripts installed by Softaculous

Every shared and reseller server will soon be installed with Softaculous. Softaculous is also available on our VPS and managed dedicated servers, absolutely free of charge.

Additional Network Capacity - Chicago, IL Data Center

Level3 nLayerNTT PCCW

We have added additional network capacity with our Chicago, IL Data Center and are currently in the process of shipping new hardware there now. Over the last couple of months we didn't have a lot of availability for new shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated customers wanting to be with us in Chicago, IL. This additional capacity has fixed that problem.

"Cloud Hosting" - Powered by Citrix XenServer

Citrix XenServer

Over the last several months we have been researching and planning an enhancement to our existing hardware and networking infrastructure to support what is commonly referred to as "cloud hosting" (see the Wikipedia "cloud hosting" article for more details). Whereas there is still a lot of debate as to what "cloud hosting" really is -- our implementation of the technology will not be as confusing or "clouded" (excuse the pun!).

We have invested tens of thousands of dollars adding and upgrading our hardware and network to support this new platform. Our implementation will eliminate single points of failure, add scalability, enhance reliability and so much more -- the best part is: we'll keep it affordable. We've always tried to build the best internet playground for the most affordable pricing. I can tell you this, we will  bring you an affordable cloud hosting platform that only large corporations have been able to take advantage of for years.

We do plan on migrating our existing shared and reseller customers to this platform. High-availability hosting (running two "instances" of your website on two separate servers) is on the table and will be an offering, just not initially.

We will have more information on this exciting subject soon!

Coming Soon! New Geekmunity Portal

We have been hard at work on a new customer front-end over the last couple of months. We do not have a date, set in stone, that we will launch our new portal, however, it will be soon(TM). The new portal will be powered, on the backend, by Ubersmith.

This new portal is amazing and will offer you the ability to easily manage your online account(s) with us.

Some of the key features include:

  • Account Details Management (your details, add additional users, etc.)
  • Billing Management (credit cards, PayPal, invoice history, account credits, etc.)
  • Service Management (a listing of your services, ability to upgrade/downgrade, cancel, order additional services, etc.)
  • Device Monitoring (allows you to setup a device monitor for your VPS or dedicated server)
  • Domain Management (fully integrated into the portal)
  • Support Resources (knowledgebase, online videos, support tickets, etc.)
  • Reseller Portal (a special portal for our resellers)

A quick sneak peek:

PNG image

PNG image

In Conclusion

I just want to thank you for being a geek, or at least thinking about becoming a geek, and hope that you are ready for some of the amazing additions and enhancements we have in the works!

Have any comments or suggestions? Please feel free to let us know!


Jay & Matt, Head Geeks

P.S. Don't forget, we're on Twitter! @GeekStorage