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What are we up to?

February 5, 2011 at 8:34 PM

Hey Geeks!

I just thought I would drop a note and let you know what's going on behind the scenes at Geek HQ.


Last year was very exciting for us and it brought some major upgrades to both our network infrastructure and hosting architecture. Those upgrades included things like increased network capacity at our Chicago data center, the addition of Ksplice (rebootless kernels, yeah!), Softaculous (1-click installer for 175 scripts!) and CloudLinux OS (the best shared hosting OS!).

What's to come...

We are constantly working to try and improve the awesome web hosting we provide to you. Through new vendor partnerships, software additions, network improvements, etc. we are constantly looking ahead and trying to build the best website playground available, while still keeping it affordable.

Here are a few things to look forward to in 2011:

  • Launch of our new Customer Portal (management of your GeekStorage account and other very cool features)

Back in April of 2010, I first spoke of a brand new customer portal that would be launching "soon". Well, almost a year later I can tell you that we are still hard at work on this awesome portal. There was a minor setback in the timeline as we made other business decisions that required further development within the portal. We anticipate the portal to be available to our geeks by the time we publish our 2011 version of our "State of GeekStorage" in April.

I can tell you that you will be very happy if you were an avid fan of our forums before its untimely demise! (*hint*)

  • Launch of a new website (almost 4 years later, it's time for a new look!)

We have been working with a great web designer in creating a new look for GeekStorage. This new website will debut with some new major service offerings, keep an eye out!

  • Knowledge Base Revamp (finally, a real Knowledge Base!)

For the longest time, we used our community forums as our knowledge base. Even though the forums of the past are gone, we have scoured its content, looked within our ticket system for common issues and reached out to our geeks.. all in an effort to create a comprehensive Knowledge Base. We are about 1/3 of the way through writing content for the new Knowledge Base and encourage you to e-mail us or post a comment on this blog if you have ideas for content you'd like to see addressed by us.

  • 3 New Service Offerings with...

... details to come (/teaser). We have three major service offering additions we will be launching very soon. Keep your eyes peeled, I think you'll like them!

In Closing

Hopefully this brief post has given you an idea of what we are up to behind the scenes. We have a lot planned for 2011 and we can't wait to make it available to you! :)