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Will you install software scripts for me?

Author: Geek Support Reference Number: AA-00427 Created: 02/03/2011 06:29 PM Last Updated: 06/23/2018 08:52 AM

This article will provide explanation on our support policy as it relates to software script installations.

3rd Party Software Script Installation and Support

We include Softaculous with all unlimited, performance, and reseller hosting packages. Softaculous is a 1-click installer for 260 scripts (at the time of this writing). Scripts you can install using Softaculous, through your website's control panel, range from blogs to e-commerce shopping carts. For a complete list of software available for instant, no-hassle installation through Softaculous, click here.

We do provide general support for 3rd party software should you encounter any issues with a manual installation, but we do not provide script installation service at this time. We should note, the developer of any software or scripts will be able to offer better insight into certain issues, while we can help with issues related to the server-side configuration. We will provide you any assistance related to the server's environment, but errors you encounter with the software itself are outside of the scope of our technical support.

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