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Unscheduled VPS Service Outage Affecting HV11 and SHV1 (Resolved - 3/22/2019)

March 22, 2019 at 11:28 AM

We believe there may have been another hardware failure from the same batch of switches that caused the previous outage. Currently impacted nodes are HV11 and SHV1 and we expect to have a quick resolution for connectivity. Internal VPS administration tasks may fail for a time until we restore internal service to the hypervisors. Additional updates will be posted here as we are able.

Update #1: We have identified another failed switch from the same batch as the previous failure. We are working to restore outbound connectivity for the three affected hypervisors and currently have an estimated timeframe of about an hour for resolution.

Update #2: HV11 VPS service has been restored, SHV1 to follow shortly.

Update #3: SHV1 VPS service has been restored.

SHV1 and HV11 VPS service has been restored at this time. We are still working to get other internal connections restored. Until this part of the solution is completed, internal VPS operations (reboots, backup restores) will fail. We are working to reroute this traffic but also to restore the faulty hardware as soon as possible.

Update #4: Hardware has been swapped on site as of 3/26/2019 and all VPS features are now fully restored.