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How do I clear my web browser's cache?

Author: Geek Support Reference Number: AA-00433 Views: 6918 Created: 02/09/2011 10:54 PM Last Updated: 02/11/2011 03:22 AM 0 Rating/ Voters
This article will describe how you can clear your web browser's cache.

Select your web browser:

Internet Explorer

Note: IE8 has a "feature" which retains some cookies even after you clear your cache if you do not UNCHECK the "Preserve Favorites Website Data." If you truly need to clear your cache, you will want to uncheck this!

   Internet Explorer 8
  1. Once your browser is open, click the Tools menu.  Or, optionally you may simply press Ctrl-Shift-Delete to open the Delete Browsing History window (and skip step 2)
  2. Click on Delete Browsing History...
  3. Select Temporary Internet Files.
  4. Click the Delete button near the bottom of the window to delete your temporary files (i.e. clear your cache).
  5. If you want the browser to automatically clear the cache whenever you close it, click the Advanced tab. Click to check the box next to the Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed option (in the section labeled Security). Click OK. This will delete everything except cookies.
  Internet Explorer 7
  1. Open IE 7 and click the Tools menu. Click the Delete Browsing History link at the top.
  2. Under the Temporary Internet Files heading, click Delete files...
  3. Click Yes when you see the prompt asking if you are sure you want to delete all temporary files.
  4. Alternatively, clear your cache for just the current page you're visiting. Press and hold [Ctrl] on your keyboard, then Press [F5] or click on the Refresh button (square button on the toolbar with opposite-facing arrows).


  Firefox 3.5 / 3.6
  1. Click the Tools menu, then select Clear Recent History.
  2. Choose the time range of cache you'd like to clear.
  3. Click on Details and make sure Cache is checked.
  4. Select Clear Now.
  Firefox 1.5 / 2.0 / 3.0 Below is the full method, although it is possible to simply go to Tools, and select Clear Private Data.
  1. Go to Tools and select Options... (on Linux, go to Edit then Preferences).
  2. Go to the Privacy tab and click the Settings button.
  3. Make sure Cache is checked on the list of options to clear.
  4. Return to the Options menu and click the Clear Now button.
  Firefox 1.0 
  1. Click the Tools menu and select Options (on Linux, go to Edit then Preferences).
  2. Click the Privacy button and select the Cache tab.
  3. Click the Clear Cache Now button.

Google Chrome

  1. Once your browser is open, select the Tools menu (the wrench in the upper-right corner) and select Options.
  2. On the Under the Hood tab, click the Clear Browsing data... button.
  3. Select the Empty the cache check-box.
  4. You can also choose the period of time you wish to delete cached information using the Clear data from this period dropdown menu.
  5. Click the Clear Browsing Data button.


Safari for Mac OS X
  1. Once your browser is open, click the Safari menu and select Empty Cache....
  2. Click Empty.
Safari for Windows
  1. Once your browser is open, click the Edit menu and select Empty Cache....
  2. Click Empty.


  1. Once your browser is open, select the tools menu and click delete private data.
  2. Click the details button.
  3. If you do not wish to delete cookies, saved passwords, etc., remove checks from them in the list.
  4. Press delete.
  5. If you are using the Nintendo DSi browser, go to History (accessible from the start page (press start button) & extended toolbar) and touch Delete All.
  6. Then go to the start page again and touch Settings.
  7. Then scroll down until you find Delete Cookies and touch that.

Mozilla SeaMonkey

  1. Once your browser is open, click the Edit menu and select Preferences.
  2. In the left-side list, open the Advanced node and select Cache.
  3. Click the Clear Cache button.


  1. Once your browser is open, click the Settings menu and select Configure Konqueror.
  2. Scroll down in the list of images and select Cache.
  3. Click Clear Cache.


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